Intagrate Rehab AssessmentsOur professional and experienced staff provide a wide range of assessments to determine individual needs and goals, assisting clients to engage in home and community activities and plan for the future.

Check Mark Needs Assessment | Future Planning
      Determines a person’s needs throughout each stage of life and assists with planning for the future.

Check Mark Assessment of Home Environment
      Reviews one's ability to function in the home environment and whether changes to the home can enhance safety and support independence.

Check Mark Rehabilitation Needs Assessment
      A comprehensive assessment to determine physical and cognitive abilities and limitations as well as equipment and rehabilitation needs.

Check Mark Vocational Assessment & Workplace Assessment
 Vocational Assessment – Used to determine job options, taking into consideration previous work history, training, education and interests.
      Workplace Assessment – Determines the physical and cognitive demands of work tasks and environmental risks.

Check Mark Ergonomic Assessment
      Examines a person's physical postures when completing tasks such as work tasks. The assessment provides education and training on optimal body mechanics to reduce injury to the individual. The assessment will review the individual as well as the environment.

Check Mark Functional Capacity Assessment
      To determine physical capacity to complete tasks such as lifting and carrying. The assessment can assist when developing a graduated Return to Work Plan.

Check Mark Equipment Prescription
      Determines equipment needed to increase independence within the home and community environments.

Check Mark Driving Assessments
A comprehensive driving assessment to determine physical and cognitive capacity to drive.

Check Mark Care Needs Assessments
Determines a person’s short term and long term care and accommodation needs, including the need for respite.

Check Mark Independent Skills Assessments
      Used to determine a person’s capacity to function independently in their own home.

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